Managing Chaos with Confidence

Multi-Taskers love this program
Never before has life demanded so much from us: with non-stop change, bad news and an over-scheduled life! When bombarded with constant negativity we eventually become worn out and ineffective. Learn strategies that teach sustainability, so you can avoid burnout and stay resilient. This program provides solutions that help you make better decisions with more courage and confidence.

  • Identify the categories of chaos and their impact on work/life wellness
  • Build self efficacy and the mindset for success
  • Gain tactics to respond to unexpected events
  • Learn the categories of chaos and how to thrive in challenging times

Do You Shine or Whine?

Perfect for a motivational keynote program

The world is changing and so are we! Learn to capitalize instead of \'awfulize\' during non-stop challenges from an uncertain economy, to restructuring, or coping with adversity and crisis. Learn the solutions to help you be proactive instead of reactive. Its not what happens to us in life but how we respond. This program shows you how.

  • Quick turn-around tactics to capitalize instead of lawful-size
  • Learn to stop reacting and start assessing
  • Know the importance of congruity, even when your life is turned upside down
  • Treasure your experience while developing your natural gifts, talents, and skills

Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos

Ideal program to improve effectiveness in sales

Conflict with customers and the work environment lowers enthusiasm, sales and service. This program solves the crisis. By understanding what motivates your customers and team members, you can improve your ability to manage and sell. Using The Color Code, you will learn each motive that drives you and gain a new understanding of how to relate to your customers and workforce. You can master relationship strategies that increase customer longevity and loyalty.

Included in this program:

  • A personality assessment to determine your strengths and liabilities
  • Strategies to develop and improve your customer relationships
  • Recognize specific methods for motivating and communicating with all personality styles

Success in Life Depends on Relationships

Ideal for managing people

Successful companies lose their momentum when the leadership team isn\'t communicating effectively. This program will teach managing by motive to build understanding and minimize conflict. Improve morale, creativity and performance, by knowing what motivates your team members. You will also improve your ability to manage when difficult situations arise. This program helps personal as well as business relationships by:

  • Identifing your core motive and communication style
  • How to conquer communication time wasters that interrupt progress
  • Improve the way you relate to people who usually challenge you
  • Gain specific strategies to build communication when its lacking

Treatable and Beatable

Inspirational message for patients, healthcare providers and wellness retreats

Learn healthful strategies before, during or after a health crisis. Gain insights into dealing with any health challenge including diabetes, heart disease or cancer.
Cancer can be a new beginning... It does not have to be a nightmare or death sentence. Learn the treatable and beatable mindset that encourages patience to claim their power and explore all options the moment they are diagnosed. Today\'s cancer patients have many treatment options from traditional to alternative that really work. This program focuses on going from oh my this is terrible, to oh my this is treatable.

  • Claim your power in any health crisis and take responsibility to explore all options
  • Learn nutritional practices and detoxification rituals that activate healing power in your body and strengthen the immune system
  • Find yourself...any health challenge can be a time of knowing greater self awareness and personal growth

Seven Ways To Optimize Your Time

Recommended for fast growing companies

With escalating expectations and the many roles we occupy, today\'s revolutionary age has created \"time compression\", I.E. doing more things in less time. We no longer have work/life seperation and need to learn effective time management skills so we can spend our time on the things that matter most. In this program you will learn:

  • Strategies to efficiently organize, file, and retrieve information
  • Work/Life integration and the benefits of planning
  • How to identify and eliminate unnecessary interruptions
  • Conditions of events and how to respond effectively

Workplace Wellness Retreats

The perfect boost for a positive work environment

These retreats deliver the insights needed to keep teams on track. Components on Self Management, Team Management and Time Management are the ingredients of workplace wellness. Since we live and work in a constantly changing business world, building and maintaining a successful team environment is essential to a company\'s success. These retreats are customized to highlight your specific goals and needs.


We strive to create a MASTERPIECE when you hire us to deliver a presentation for your event. In order to make our message effective we want to customize the program to include specific examples of current challenges and solutions you would like to reinforce.
Once we establish the presentation you would like, as part of our fee we will contact four to five people you suggest in order to give us valuable input on what the current trends, challenges, and needs are in your organization.
We will call each person to schedule a 20 minute interview at his or her convenience. In this process we ask questions and open dialogue up to gain specific insights so we can best customize our presentation for you.
This service takes time, coordination, and planning. Events that are scheduled at the last minute are not guaranteed to receive the detailed attention we like to offer.