Health & Executive Coaching with Carolyn Gross

Are you ready to advance your career or personal life and need additional support?

Professional coaching is an efficient accelerator to achieve your goals!

For over twenty five years Carolyn Gross has been serving others with her expertise in self care and health care. She is the author of three books and has been seen on ABC, NBC, and Lifetime TV. Carolyn dedicates    herself to performance improvement combining creative life solutions with business and wellness principles. Her multi-faceted approach to managing the sea of change we live in has helped individuals reinvent themselves and attain their lifelong goals.  She is both a Professional Speaker and Patient Advocate and inspires people to make informed decisions about their health and the power of a dynamic mindset including Psychoneuroimmunology. 

We live in chaos; it’s both internal & external. Today’s technology has added labor to our lives, causing epic levels of stress. Since stress is the primary onset of many degenerative conditions, Carolyn's expertise as a Patient Advocate also helps people prevent health problems. If you are ready for tools to overcome life's obstacles and to analyze the system of emotions keeping you from reaching your potential, then this  coaching is designed for you.   

Carolyn’s Clients Include:

                                      Top Medical Professionals          International Executives          Professional Athletes      

                                People in Life Transitions           Small Business Owners          Cancer Patients

Benefits You Can Expect from Coaching

    Analyze your core motives to learn constructive emotional responses.

    Identify strategies to survive the stress of today. 

    Learn how to stay calm when you feel you’re under attack.

    Increase self awareness which provides comfort and stability.

   Gain support for life transitions and health regeneration.

 I'm so grateful I signed up for a three month program.  You've helped so much.  Between sessions your guidance constantly comes to mind. ~CM Austin, TX

In one session with Carolyn I was able to make a long awaited decision to change careers and begin my life's work in the healing arts. ~DA Escondido, CA

I have had the pleasure of working with Carolyn Gross for several years. I highly recommend her to any individual looking to minimize the impact of chaos with her unique building blocks for leadership success.~ES New York, NY

A single coaching session is something you will carry with you throughout your week/month.  This is an effective way to make lifestyle changes and meet your goals.  Coaching includes: Accountability, How To, and Support!!!

I've been coaching professionally for some twenty five years, and I adore my high achiever clients.  I not only teach how to manage your current situation (chaos) with confidence, but also how to transform obstacles into opportunities. ~Carolyn Gross 

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References are available upon request.