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Carolyn's Coaching Specialties:

As past president of the National Speakers Association in San Diego, combined with a successful 20-year career in corporate sales, marketing, and speaking; Carolyn created The Speaker Success Program for emerging speakers. She teaches presentation skills to aspiring speakers, corporate executives, sales associates and their staff.

Carolyn works with people who want to advance their purpose and message to create a better life. Her expertise as a radio show guest and host helps provide insights and makes her an ideal teacher for people developing their speaking business and presentation skills. She coaches business executives who want to be published, authors who want to develop a speaking platform, and fascinating people who want to develop unique projects and market them. She educates people using advanced interpersonal techniques, business innovation and creative processes that make their unique projects shine. The support and knowledge she brings to her clients helps them in maintaining their energy and drive. For over fifteen years Carolyn has worked with a wide range of Professionals from Hollywood Producers, Professional Golfers, Professional Speakers, Vice Presidents, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Professional Athletes, and Career Women managing families.

Coaching Packages

The Speaker Success Program

Leverage your expertise as a business leader and speaker inspiring others. Help your business grow by developing professional presentation skills for a full time career or effective marketing and networking strategy. Learn to engage people in a 30 second conversation so they are asking for more.

  • Build your speaking business and platform skills
  • Develop material for seminars and workshops
  • Identify communication strengths
  • Create your own sound-byte

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 Communication Techniques

Be Memorable: Communication Techniques for Powerful Presentations

A good presenter grabs attention and creates rapport. What makes a presentation memorable? Incorporate professional speaking skills that get results. Learn a formula with techniques that make your listeners remember and implement material... and watch your confidence level soar. Know the positive results when you build interest and enthusiasm between you and your audience. This program will highlight structure and delivery including:

  • How to create and customize presentations starting from scratch.
  • Learn the Importance of visual impact and stage presence
  • Vocal variety techniques
  • How to sequence stories to build interest
  • Connecting with gestures and eye contact
  • How to read the audience personality and meet their needs.

The Author Success Program

Have people always suggested you should write a book? Do you have a book in you ....or do you have a completed manuscript? Carolyn coaches people during all phases of the creation and publishing process.

  • Creating a sizzling title/subtitle
  • What to expect from a professional editor
  • How to design compelling book covers
  • Developing a marketing and media strategy
  • Coordinating a book tour

Shine or Whine: Managing Chaos with Confidence

When bombarded with constant activity we eventually become worn out and ineffective. Those who manage chaos with confidence will make better decisions, get promoted, and have better success with people. Learn how to avoid burnout in today's over-scheduled world. Give yourself the tools to restore, relax, renew and thrive in challenging times

  • Assessing relationships
  • Performance improvement
  • Work/life balance
  • Adjusting to a health crisis

Re-Defining Priorities and Managing Time

In today’s fast paced world, information overload and technology have created “time compression”, i.e. doing more things in less time. Gain clarity on how you spend your time and redefine the things that matter most. Learn effective planning techniques that allow you to take control of your life.

  • Strategies to efficiently organize, file, and retrieve information
  • The simple power of consistent planning
  • Identify time wasters by defining unifying principles
  • Learn to manage interruptions

Benefits Can you Expect from Coaching

  • Be a respected expert
  • Get paid to speak
  • Create buzz about your book
  • Accelerate goal attainment
  • Clarify your core message
  • Improve self confidence
  • Inspire creativity for projects
  • Restore balance and focus
  • Take bigger risks
  • Increase drive and energy
  • Stabilize performance and consistency
  • Relieve restlessness and uncertainty

Customized Coaching Packages

5 and 10 session packages available
Sessions are 90 minutes - Two hours
Best Value: Monthly Coaching Program Three month minimum

Call to schedule your appointment today Phone Number:
760 741 2762
Toll Free: 866 246 0462

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