Tell the's more Interesting!

Have you ever noticed how much movies and documentaries based on true stories grab our attention? Partly because we know it's not made up and partly because Truthful Matters are so compelling.
We are in some unprecedented times...have you noticed? Social Media has created a new world where what I say goes, even if I haven't got anything to back it up. The new genre of Fake News has a whole new following of junkies. People speak from the place of what can I get if I say this or that and it doesn't matter if it's untrue, as long as I keep getting more views.

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RENEWAL...A New Lease on Life!!

Spring gives us the chance to begin a new. Fresh ideas, a new look at old situations... what we need to keep what & we need to release.
For example this is the time of year people get exercising and eating right. We have more energy for goodness sake.
Now some parts of the country may not be in full spring yet..
but it's there silently waiting and inviting us to renew.
Spring Renewal is part of Self Love.
We have to shed our old ways to start something new.

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IGNITE your's Spring!

During growth seasons in our lives we exert extra energy. When we take risks we stir up uncertainty and vulnerable feelings because we are out of our comfort zone. Anytime you take on extra responsibility or work, you need to give yourselfA Spring Break.

That doesn't mean you can just pack your bags and head to the Islands, but it does mean you can take time out and do some things that make your heart sing.

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